About Sadaf Trimarchi, Esq.
Sadaf Trimarchi, Esq.

A college internship during the 90’s, at the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division Bureau in Binghamton, NY, was my first foray into the legal field. During the day, I would field calls from clients worried that they had been ripped off by mechanics, or car dealerships or other commercial vendors that took their money and disappeared when a problem arose. As I opened a case, and undertook the research to help answer questions, it dawned on me that the laws that exist to help people are only as good as the person advocating them. That’s where I imagined the role of a lawyer began. When I was able to explain to people their rights, and how to protect themselves, I discovered a genuine joy in helping others vindicate themselves, solve problems, and achieve creative solutions.

Over the years, my legal career has spanned both the public and private spheres. I’ve worked in private practice for employment and matrimonial firms, as well as a long and dedicated career in public interest work – first with Legal Services and then in the New York State Court System working as a Court Attorney in Brooklyn, NY. I’ve appeared in countless courts over the years, arguing on behalf of clients about to lose their home, or on behalf of clients fighting for their rights as a parent, or for a fair settlement agreement. I’ve won trials for domestic violence victims, and forced property owners to correct unsafe housing conditions. I’ve also worked behind the scenes as a Court Attorney and helped shape the written case law with critical decisions on child support and juvenile rights. I’ve reviewed adoption applications and home studies and noted key issues for judicial resolve. I’m no stranger to the divorce process in New Jersey. It is one of the most challenging experiences any individual will struggle through – which is why you need a lawyer who has navigated this minefield before.

I’ve seen many problems, and I’ve helped craft many solutions. My first, and most critical job, is to listen to you, and reflect on what your goals are. I will ask you questions, and I will make sure your voice is heard. Where there is uncertainty, my job is to make sure you understand the process and your rights. You will always be assured that I will be prepared, will answer your questions, and devote my time to ensuring your satisfaction as a client.

I’ve opened this firm to be able to represent clients the way I’ve always felt they deserved – with compassion, with dedication, and with an eye to creative problem solving. My goal is to maintain a small, dedicated office that caters to my clients personally, offering both flat fees for many matters and reasonable hourly rates for contested cases. I am licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey. Office hours are by appointment in either my Hackensack or Manhattan locations, and I am available for a free one-hour consultation to discuss your matter.