Lease Preparation

An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure. Sure, you can draft a lease yourself. It’s just a contract, right? It is certainly easy enough to go online and find samples of leases you can use to rent your property to a potential tenant. However, have you considered whether a form lease is tailored to meet the individual circumstances of your jurisdiction? Are you familiar with the steps you need to take as landlord prior to renting out your property? Have you registered, and have you ensured compliance with all your town’s municipal codes? Are you familiar with the requirements of the Truth in Renting Act and the Security Deposit Law? Have you provided your potential tenant the right paperwork prior to commencing a tenancy? Rights and responsibilities that are not clearly written in the lease become the landlord’s problem, and you may be subject to double penalties.

Sometimes, it is worth it to have an experienced attorney look at your lease, propose the right language to use to make sure that in the event of a default, your financial interests are protected, and that you have dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s before a crisis develops. An experienced attorney will know that including the right language in your lease will ensure the court that you are a responsible owner and have taken the right steps ahead of time to make sure you rent your property according to the laws of this state. It can be very difficult to obtain a judgement of possession and rent owed if you haven’t fulfilled the requisite requirements or have a lease that is flimsy on the binding language you
need to collect the rent that is owed to you.

The Law Offices of Sadaf Trimarchi is available to consult with you before you entrust your valuable property to the hands of a potential stranger. Be sure your lease protects you and the property in the event the landlord/tenant relationship deteriorates.